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Top quality spanning several decades

After technical drying, our timber awaits its final destination in air-conditioned facilities. This is where we commission bespoke and customised orders for our customers in the furniture industry and large-scale wood trade.

From the premium quality of church benches to rustic stairs. And cuts from 26 mm to 80 mm thick to fulfil every wish!



Sustainable environmental protection


We are a family-owned business with a rich tradition that believes in environmental protection. As a result, we are a PEFC-certified company. PEFC-certification aims to improve forestry use and management. PEFC is an international concept which stands for “Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes”. It draws on the decisions agreed at the environmental conference in Rio (Earth Summit) and follow-up conferences. Companies that are PEFC-certified such as Bansmann sawmill are committed to the environment and handle wood, an indispensable raw material, responsibly.



Sustainable and economical

PEFC thinks in holistic and sustainable terms: an integrative concept that links ecological, social and economic issues. On the whole, PEFC guarantees the processing chain is regulated - independently monitored, fully transparent and sustainable. It is a recipe for success. Two-thirds of Germany’s forests are already certified. Industry representatives, committed forest owners, environmental protection groups, trade union representatives and active citizens join forces with one goal in mind: careful and compassionate forestry management. By purchasing wood products that bear the PEFC logo, we can all contribute to helping our forests. Sustainable and ecological action for a clear conscience.

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Oak stacks

Forests support the livelihoods of people, animals and plants. The forest ecosystem regulates the climate and products oxygen as a by-product of photosynthesis. But our forests are at risk. Eleven to fifteen million hectares of forest are lost annually, mainly in the tropics. That makes global sustainable forestry even more important. Protecting our forests means protecting our environment. PEFC campaign for documentation and improvements in sustainable forestry management. We look forward to your order and your visit to our PEFC-certified Bansmann sawmill and timber merchant on Hillegosser Street in Bielefeld, Germany.