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The sawmill

The log band saw is at the heart of what we do

Traditional skilled craftsmanship meets modern technology in our sawmill – for totally accurate results. The journey from trees to a premium timber products begins at our head office in Bielefeld, Germany. The log band saw is at the heart of our production. The way the round logs are cut into planks and boards determines the later use of the quality timber. Be it for high-quality organ construction or individual table tops – here at Bansmann sawmill we have the right quality for all customer needs.

Log band saw
Log band saw

Forestry and timber – an important sector of the economy

Around 1.1 million people in total are employed in Germany’s forestry and wood industry. The downstream forestry sector includes wood­working, the wood processing industry (e.g. the furniture industry), the wood machining industry (sawmills, wood materials industry), the paper industry, the publishing and printing sector, and the use of wood for energy.

Timber merchants and suppliers are also part of the forestry and wood products sector. With this in mind, there are more people working in the wood sector than the automobile industry, for example, or in mechanical and plant engineering! When it comes to wood, we at Friedrich Bansmann OHG are your personal point of contact in Bielefeld.

Saw blade
Oak lumber